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Film Scrap Collection:
Scrap from plastic and paper slitting operations is collected by a presure or vaccum evacuation system.


Corrugated box packer:
A vaccume applied through section plate holds boxes in stable postion for filling

Picture-3Automatic Labeling Machine:
As a label stripper frees labels from their backing paper,they are held by suction on a roller for transfer to labeling equipment.

Pictire-4 Industrial Sewing Machine:
High Speed Industrial sewing machines create large volumes of lint and waste yarn,which is scavenged by a Vortex vaccum System.

Picture-6Bag Filling Equipment:
Vaccum from a Vortex blower is used to hold bags open during filling operation for flour and other dry materials.

Picture-6Automatic Loom:
Cotton yarn is held in a vacuum stream begore being supplied to the loom. The vacuum system also removes cotton scraps and frayed yarn.

Picture7Automatic Bottling Machine: A Vortex blower facilitates high-speed bottling by removing air from bottles during the filling operation.

Picture8Pneumatic Conveyor :
Vortex vacuum systems convey,checks,cash and documents in banks,hospitals offices etc. With its reversible operation.the vortex blower eliminates the need for a diverter valve.
Picture-9Bulk Material Handling:
Air transport systems use vortex blowers to convey dry material such as pellets,granules and chips with either vacuum or pressure.
Picture10Chip Removal:
Chips generated during operations are automatically evacuated by a Vortex vacuum system.
Picture-11Platting Tank Agitation:
High Pressure air circulates the electrolytic solution in a platting bath to promote uniform,rapid platting.
Picture-12Ice Prevention System:
Air bubbles streaming from a diffusar ring keep water circulating to prevent icing.
Picture-13Gas Burner:
A steady flow of high-pressure air from a vortex blower aids efficiant combustion in gas burner
Picture-14Component Drying:
Air discharge from single or ganged blowers powers a small drying system for parts and products.
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